This is Why a Calendar is More Effective Than To-Do Lists

Try to plan your day based on time rather than tasks. Almost everything in life is measured in units of time.

  • At work, there are project deadlines.
  • Pupils and students have a schedule.
  • Google Maps shows how long it takes to get to your destination.
  • When you send the parcel, you are told how long it will take to reach the addressee.

Therefore, it is more convenient to make plans based on time rather than tasks. This is where the calendar comes in handy.

1. It will help change habits

Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics, spoke about this aspect of calendars. Imagine a calendar. Some deeds are reflected in it, while others are not. We usually record meetings and important meetings. And such activities as sports, meditation, calling relatives do not fall into it. In practice, it turns out that we ignore unrecorded cases. As a result, our lives are not aligned with our goals and aspirations.

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To prevent this from happening, add not only work tasks to the calendar but everything else. When an activity is regularly scheduled, it is more likely to become a habit.

If the matter is really important to you, add it to the calendar. The likelihood that you will complete it will greatly increase.

2.With him you will not forget about anything

The main difference between a calendar and a to-do list is that the calendar is time-sensitive. With it, you are limited to 24 hours. You won’t be able to add more cases to it. Ironically, this reduces the paradox of choice.

It is convenient to set reminders for small matters. For example, if you need to pay bills or answer a letter. So you will definitely not forget about them.

This is Why a Calendar is More Effective Than To-Do Lists
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3. You can set goals in it

Google Calendar has a handy feature called goals. The calendar will select the time for what is important to you. For example, for sports, meditation, reading, or working on a book.

A calendar will help you make the most of your time. With it, you not only keep track of events and find time for important activities for you.

4.It is more convenient to schedule meetings with him

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Those who hold many meetings have to exchange a bunch of messages for agreeing on a time. Planning is much more convenient if you give access to your calendar. You mark when you are busy and share the link with another person. He chooses a suitable time for himself, adds the event to your calendar. This saves you both a ton of time.

If you make an appointment and ask someone to give you time, suggest adjusting to the other person’s schedule. It’s polite and will save you time too.

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