5 Cool AliExpress Gadgets Every Home Should Have

Perhaps, for a comfortable life, you do not have enough of these gadgets. Add your favorite products to your cart, collect coins and coupons, and then exchange them for an additional discount when buying things at reduced prices.

1. White noise generator

The device creates a pleasant sound background in the room and helps you to quickly and soundly fall asleep. The generator supports nine programs, including birdsong, the sound of waves and waterfalls, white noise, and others. There is also a timer and a backlight – the gadget can be used as a night light.

The device works up to 36 hours on a single charge. It is powered by the USB cable that comes with the kit. Buyers in the reviews note the excellent quality of the product.

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2. Alarm clock with charger

The alarm clock in a dark brown wooden case is equipped with a large backlit dial, the brightness of which is adjustable. Conveniently, you can wake up the device from sleep mode by clapping your palms.

The alarm screen displays the current time and room temperature. Above is the wireless charging module. The gadget is powered by a 220 V network or four little finger batteries.

5 Cool AliExpress Gadgets Every Home Should Have
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3. Massage pillow

An electric gadget for the neck, knees, elbows, and other body parts that need a massage and relieve fatigue. Depending on the model chosen, the pillow can have 4, 6, 8, or 12 massage heads. Control is carried out using buttons – their number varies on different types of devices.

The pillow is powered from a 220 V network or a cigarette lighter; for each case, the kit includes the necessary cables. Heating is automatically turned on at startup. The device switches itself off after 15 minutes of operation.

4. Universal remote control

This wireless gadget is suitable for controlling various appliances, be it an air conditioner or a TV. But for this, you have to rewrite commands from other remotes. The device is equipped with a host of buttons and a microphone, thanks to which you can quickly search for content or interact with a voice assistant. Also, a built-in gyroscope controls the cursor by tilting the device in the desired direction.

5. Disinfector

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A device in the form of a box with a lid is designed to disinfect various items; headphones, makeup brushes, keys, pens, watches, or smartphones. It is powered by the included USB cable and is controlled by a single button located at the end. A wireless charging module is built into the disinfector cover. 

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