Chokeberry: Health Benefits And Harms

Many bypass it and do not include it in their diet – and in vain; we’ll tell you why as nutritionist Alena Chernikova will tell you about everything in more detail.

What can it boast of?

  • Calorie content – 55 kcal per 100 g
  • Berries contain up to 1.5% proteins, up to 12% sugars, 0.5-3% organic acids
  • A significant amount of carotene, vitamin C, vitamins of group B, PP, P
  • Iron, iodine, cobalt, manganese, copper salts

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Why is it needed in our diet?

  • To lower bad cholesterol
  • Strengthen blood vessels
  • Support vision and thyroid function
  • And also, medications based on berries have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, laxative, and diuretic effects. Take these drugs only with your doctor’s approval.
  • Rowan fruits are important for people who lack vitamins, anemic, metabolic disorders
Chokeberry: Health Benefits And Harms
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

But it’s important to know

The daily dose of mountain ash should be no more than 100g. It can cause stomach irritation, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, impaired renal function, and other side effects.

Chokeberry: Health Benefits And Harms
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

We harvest rowan for future use

If freezing with brushes, then

Remove the leaves. Serve the berries frozen, without separating them from the brushes.

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If we want to dry

We wash the berries, let the water drain, and lay them out on a sieve in a layer of 2cm. You need to dry in an oven or a special dryer at a temperature of 45° C and dry them at 60 ° C. In such conditions, the berries dry out in 2-3 hours. How to check if they are dry enough? If you squeeze the berries in a fist, juice should not come out.

If we want to get mountain ash powder

The berries must be dried and ground into powder. Store in an airtight container. This powder can be added anywhere – it gives the dish a sour-sharp taste. In general, feel free to throw in dishes that need to be slightly acidified.

Rules for storing fresh rowan 

It can be stored for about six months at a temperature of +2, + 4° C, so you can safely store it in a tray in the refrigerator. After some time, it may darken and dry out. This is normal, while the mountain ash does not lose its properties.

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