Quitting Smoking: Simple Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Goal

Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to eradicate. Some try to quit and maybe succeed, but it happens that they can fall back into bad habits after a short time. Some say they have wanted to quit smoking for years but can’t. How to do it, and what small strategies to put into play to achieve the goal? Let us find out.

– Try to quit at a peaceful time when you are not particularly stressed.

– Wanting is power, but ask for support from friends and family in times of crisis.

– Keep a diary of when and why you smoke to help you understand your smoking habit.

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– Find a valid motivation to quit (less risk for complex diseases, being close to children without poisoning them, thinking that it is good to stay healthy to follow them better).

Reduce the daily number of cigarettes until they are eliminated.

Quitting Smoking: Simple Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Goal
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– Modify your daily routine to eliminate those mechanisms that lead you to light the cigarette.

– Find a way to release tension by joining the gym or going for a daily run.

– Give yourself a treat at the end of the day to celebrate another day without cigarettes.

– Do not go out or organize meetings with other smokers and their families.

Eliminate ashtrays in your car and at home.

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– Do not drink coffee because the drink prompts you to light a cigarette.

– Keep busy and frequent non-smoking places.

– Live day by day without getting discouraged. Every step taken towards the elimination of cigarettes is a success.

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