Mimosa Cocktail: Simple Recipe

The Mimosa cocktail is one of the most famous and popular drinks in bars or clubs for Women’s Day. But if we are not worldly girls and on March 8 we planned to spend it peacefully at home, maybe just by inviting close friends for an aperitif or dinner, we will be pleased to know that we can prepare Mimosas quickly even on our own.

The recipe for this cocktail is, in fact, straightforward. In fact, Mimosas boast a concise INCI list, as to do it, you will only need orange juice, champagne or dry sparkling wine, and citrus peel to garnish.

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Specifically, for each glass, you will need

  • 7.5CL of orange juice
  • 7.5CL of champagne


Pour the well-filtered orange juice into a flute and then add the champagne, taking care not to do it too quickly to keep the bubbles intact. With the same delicacy, mix everything with a cocktail spoon.

The last step is the decoration of the glass. Cut the zest of a curled orange and place it on the edge of your flute. Alternatively, place a sprig of mimosa, but be careful not to drop the stem or the drink flowers not to alter the taste.

Mimosa Cocktail: Simple Recipe
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For those who want to reduce the alcoholic intake, you can try Buck’s Fizz, a variant of Mimosa that keeps the same ingredients but varies the dosages to the advantage of orange juice. In this case, instead of the same quantity of the two liquids, you will mix 10CL of juice and 5CL of champagne.

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The mimosa cocktail recipe can also be modified by replacing the classic orange juice with blood ginger, making the drink more intense in color and flavor. As mentioned, champagne can also be replaced by sparkling wine or even a prosecco.

The choice generally falls on extra dry, but those who love less dry flavors can also opt for a sweet sparkling wine. Obviously, it is only up to us to decide which is the right version to toast with our friends in our house.

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