Instructions On How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Loss

Onions can be used not only for cooking but also for cosmetic purposes. They help prevent hair loss and strengthen its structure. Onions contain vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair roots and stimulate hair growth. That is why the onion mask has long been considered an effective folk remedy for hair loss.

Why does hair fall out?

The most common cause of thinning or hair loss is a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia. Other reasons include the effects of medications, hormonal changes, reduced immunity, stress, or lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body.

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Does onion really help grow hair?

One of the studies confirmed that rubbing onion juice into the scalp can actually restore hair growth. The study involved 38 people suffering from non-scarring alopecia – pathological hair loss, in which there is no previous skin lesion and hair follicles do not atrophy.

The subjects did the onion mask twice a day. Two weeks later, scientists noticed that the patients began to grow hair. After four weeks, nearly 74% of the subjects had resumed hair growth, and after six weeks, 87% of the subjects reported it. Moreover, this tendency was observed in men more often than in women.

Onion juice nourishes the hair follicles, making the hair shiny and strong.

Why does onion have such properties? This is due to several factors.

1. Onion juice contains a large amount of sulfur

Sulfur is one of the elements that ensure the normal functioning of the body. It is essential for collagen production, which is responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Also, sulfur is involved in the synthesis of keratin, which is contained in the hair and makes it look healthy.

2. Onions have antibacterial properties

These properties help fight scalp infections that can lead to hair loss. The condition of the skin directly affects the hair follicles.

3. Onion juice contains many antioxidants

Antioxidants are believed to protect the body from free radicals that contribute to the aging process. They destroy hair follicles, which leads to thinning and hair loss. Onions are high in antioxidants such as flavonoids. Therefore, onion juice can fight free radicals.

How to make an onion mask

To do this, peel four medium onions and chop them finely. Then squeeze the onion juice with your hands or with a juicer. You can also chop onions in a blender. Put the resulting porridge on a cheesecloth or a sieve and squeeze out the juice.


Instructions On How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Loss


If the smell turns you off, add a little lemon juice, rose water, or essential oil. Essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and rosemary work well with this. Rub the resulting mixture into the scalp before washing.

Instructions On How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Loss

Leave it on for about half an hour, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. The mask can be done daily. To achieve noticeable results, do it twice a day for several weeks.

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This mask should not be done by those who suffer from allergies. But even healthy people can experience redness and itching, so you need to apply onion juice with caution. To make sure that the onion doesn’t irritate you, apply a little onion juice to the crook of your elbow or the back of your ear for a few minutes. If the skin is not red and itchy, you can apply the juice to the hair roots.

Avoid getting the juice in your eyes as it can cause burning and redness. If this does happen, flush your eyes with plenty of cold water. Onion juice will help you in your hair care routine. However, if you have serious problems, it is best to seek medical attention.

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