How To Dry Your Hair

Follow these simple rules and you will get great results because we have compiled the key rules for quick and healthy drying that will give your hair shine, volume, and a truly well-groomed look – let’s get started.

Rule # 1: Gently wring out your hair with a towel

The first thing you need to do is remove excess moisture from your hair. Because of it, the cuticle (the protective sheath of the hair, consisting of transparent keratin scales) swells which leads to increased fragility and increases the risk of split ends. Therefore, the shorter the contact with water, the better.

It is best to remove moisture with a soft, absorbent towel, such as a microfiber towel.

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Do not rub your hair under any circumstances!

Vigorous rubbing damages the cuticle, softened by water, its scales literally stand on end. Because of this, the hair loses its smoothness and ability to reflect light, which means that you can not count on shine. The best way is to gently press the towel against your hair and squeeze out moisture from it. If you have long braids, you can twist them with a rope in a towel and then wring them out. It is sufficient if no water drips from the hair after this pre-drying.

Rule # 2: Don’t Give Up Using a Hair Dryer

It may seem strange, but using a hairdryer is a better decision in terms of hair health than letting it dry on its own. The reason is mentioned above: the longer the hair is in contact with moisture, the worse the cuticle feels.

Rule # 3: Use Thermal Protectors

They are applied to towel-dried hair. These sprays, foams, or lotions perform several functions at once. First, they fix moisture inside the hair – where it is needed. Secondly, they envelop each hair, reducing the risk of overdrying or overheating it.

Rule # 4: Dry in cool air

Hot air has an undeniable advantage: it quickly evaporates excess moisture. Hair dried in this way becomes overdried, but it perfectly keeps the shape that was given to them. Therefore, drying with a hot hairdryer is indispensable if you plan to style.

However, elevated temperatures also have an obvious disadvantage: hot air evaporates not only excess moisture but also necessary moisture, which leads to hair damage. In addition, by rapidly evaporating, the moisture lifts the cuticle scales, which means that the hair becomes more brittle and less shiny. It is for this reason that hairdressers recommend using a hairdryer in a cool setting whenever possible.

How To Dry Your Hair
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Rule # 5: Use a Narrow Hair Dryer Nozzle

Such a nozzle – a diffuser or a slot-like concentrator – is not for nothing that comes with every more or less decent hairdryer. It directs the airflow exactly where you need it, and does not randomly scatter hair in all directions. Thus, the hair dries faster. At the same time, it is recommended to keep the hairdryer at a distance of at least 15 cm from the scalp so as not to dry it out.

It is best to dry your hair in the direction of its growth – from roots to ends. This smoothes the cuticle, giving the hair a shine and frizz.

Rule # 6: Divide your hair into zones and dry each separately

Please note: this is exactly what professional hairdressers do in salons. This makes the drying process easier and faster. As a rule, the hair is divided into four parts: vertically – along the parting; horizontally – from ear to ear along the back of the head. It is recommended to start drying from any of the zones in the back of the head.

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Rule # 7: Leave your hair slightly dry

This rule will help you not to overdo it and accidentally dry your hair, damaging its cuticle. Determine the degree of final under drying yourself. It is best to turn off the hairdryer at the moment when you understand: now it will take only 5-7 minutes for your hair to dry naturally, no more.

Yes, before turning off the hairdryer, put it in cold air mode and walk over the hair: this will help smooth out the cuticle scales and fix the shine.

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