How To Prevent Hair Loss: 4 Methods Proven By Medicine

Hair loss is a favorite topic of modern advertising. As soon as you watch TV a little, they will vie with each other to offer you various miraculous shampoos, masks, balms that will make your hair strong, healthy, and shiny. However, experts advise not to take such promises too seriously because there are only four reliable ways to stop baldness.

Dr.William Yates of Dr. Yates Hair Science, created specifically to solve hair loss. Based on his vast practical experience, he states that there are currently only four real ways to slow down or prevent hair loss.

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  • “Propecia,” “Finasteride” – drugs intended to treat hair loss and baldness in men. Suitable for the treatment of only androgenic baldness, which accounts for approximately 95% of all cases.
  • “Regaine,” “Minoxidil” – topical preparations in the form of a liquid or foam. With prolonged use, they can slow down or even stop hair loss and stimulate new follicles’ growth.
  • Laser stimulation – radiation is used to accelerate cellular metabolism and protein synthesis, thereby stimulating the scalp’s follicles. Please note that this procedure does not give a stable result and therefore requires constant use.
  • Platelet-rich plasma – injections of blood plasma with an increased platelet count. Since platelets play a critical role in the healing and regeneration of body tissues, this therapy can help repair damaged hair.
How To Prevent Hair Loss: 4 Methods Proven By Medicine
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If you turn on the TV or open any fashion magazine, you will find out about the existence of a huge number of products that stop baldness and even provide “guaranteed” hair restoration. But the facts show that in fact there are only four really working ways. In any case, these methods have a scientific basis and bring tangible results.


Dr. William Yates

Dr. Yates also advises not to overly trust various vitamin complexes that are aimed at combating hair loss. If you live in a developed country and eat normally, then, most likely, your diet cannot have such a catastrophic lack of nutrients that it could cause hair problems. Therefore, the benefits of such vitamin complexes are very doubtful, although they will not harm.

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Remember: if one day, far from being a fine day, you realized that hair loss had become a serious problem for you, you should not go for different cosmetics or get your grandmother’s guide of folk recipes and conspiracies. In this situation, only the remedies proven by modern medicine, which we described in this article, can help.

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