How To Properly Wash Your Hair To Keep It Clean And Voluminous Longer

Learn these tips from a renowned Parisian colorist, Christophe Robin, who knows how to add volume and shine to your hair.

Step one

Comb your hair to make it easier to do this after washing. Christophe Robin advises combing the ends first, and then the roots of the hair.

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Step two

Apply some natural hair oil to the ends and comb through again. Pure almond or argan oil works well. Ideally, you should leave it on your hair overnight, but you can limit it to 15 minutes. Christophe does not recommend using conditioner as it weighs down your hair.

Step three

Use a shampoo that’s right for your hair type. The colorist noted that it is better to wash dyed hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. And shampoo with sulfates can be used for those with uncolored hair and oily roots. If you have curly hair, instead of shampoo, you should look at a cleansing conditioner, as it is prone to dryness.

According to Christophe Robin, many women use too much of the product. “About a teaspoon of the product will be sufficient,” he notes. Lather the shampoo and massage it into the hair’s roots with your fingers (not your nails) without touching the ends. The head should be lowered to add volume to the hair and improve blood circulation.

How To Properly Wash Your Hair To Keep It Clean And Voluminous Longer
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Step four

Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly. “In fact, many people don’t spend enough time on this process to completely rinse the detergent off,” says Christophe. “Hair should squeak from cleanliness.”

Step five

If you want to use conditioner, only apply it to the ends. Christophe Robin recommends using a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. Choose a mask depending on your hair type.

Step six

Do not brush when hair is wet, as this will ruin its structure. Here is how the colorist advises drying your hair: “Lower your head and with quick movements, as it were, hit the hair with a towel on both sides.” This not only makes combing easier but also gives the roots volume.

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Christophe Robin himself admits that his method of washing his hair is a rather long process. But if everything is done correctly, you will have to wash your hair less often; twice a week will be enough.

Don’t overdo it with dry shampoo. It is not a substitute for a thorough hair wash. Instead, spray a little vinegar solution (five drops of apple cider vinegar in 100 grams of water) on the oily roots if necessary. Unlike dry shampoo, it leaves no residue and cares for the scalp.

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