How To Properly Clean Your Home: A Few Rules From An Allergist

House cleaning is a seemingly common everyday business, but it can be harmful to human health and things that we use every day in everyday life. For example, a detergent sprayed on the surface of furniture creates a thin film invisible to the human eye, like a magnet for dust and dirt – everything sticks to it much faster. And applying the product to a napkin reduces its concentration. Also, this method is considered safer for the human body.

Vacuuming does not mean cleaning. If you have a regular vacuum cleaner and do not clean the bag after every cleaning, it becomes a pathogen of ticks and infections. And the longer the vacuum cleaner stands with a dirty bag, the more hazardous substances it gets.

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“When you turn on the vacuum cleaner again in a week, it will blow out the smallest microscopic particles that cannot hold the filters. And then they will hang in the air for a long time because they are tiny and light,” says the doctor. “If there are allergies in the house, then you should give preference to wet cleaning. And it is better to choose a vacuum cleaner that will filter the debris through the water. 

How To Properly Clean Your Home: A Few Rules From An Allergist
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Making the bed is the last thing to do in the morning. After all, after waking up, dirt remains on it, which the human eye does not see. You need to wait for a little until the bed cools down and ventilates the room. “Each of us exfoliates 3-4 million cells of the epidermis every hour,” explains the allergist. “This is the main breeding ground for house dust mites.”

Also, do not leave wet terry towels in the bathroom. This is because they become a favorable environment for the spread of fungal infections. Therefore, these towels should be changed every two days. And for the face, it is better to use disposable ones.

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Another tip is not to keep the curtains open all the time in summer. This primarily applies to people who have rooms on the sunny side. If you want the furniture and floor not to lose their presentable appearance for as long as possible, you should close the windows with curtains or blinds during the daytime. Due to the high amount of UV radiation, furniture and wood floors can quickly lose their color.

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