How To Create Space In a Small Apartment

Perhaps you are familiar with the problem of storing things in a small space. These tips will help you use every square meter effectively.

Consider filling your wardrobes for outerwear; combine different shelves, rails, and special accessories for small items, such as hangers with rings for scarves. And instead of a separate pouf, it is better to use shelves for storing shoes with a place to sit on top.

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How To Create Space In a Small Apartment

If your kitchen is tiny, you need to try to make the most of the space; for example, make a kitchen set up to the ceiling. Instead of shelves, choose roll-out baskets, a column with an oven and a microwave can be placed near the refrigerator, and mezzanine cabinets are well suited for storing non-essentials.

If possible, install a “magic corner,“; a roll-out section located in the corner of the kitchen unit. Then you will not have inaccessible places under the countertop.

The lower facades’ doors can also be used very functionally; to place the storage of covers and other little things there. Above the dining table, you can hang shelves or narrow closed cabinets. And if guests often come, it is better to purchase folding chairs and store them separately.

Living room

To prevent storage furniture in the living room from becoming a typical “wall,” try to combine open shelves (with beautiful decor and books) and closed sections. Install them over a sofa or doorway. On the cabinets, you can place boxes and baskets that match the style. Choose a coffee table with storage space.


How To Create Space In a Small Apartment

In the hallway, use the most convenient cabinet design for you. It is best to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism and sections for storing bedding. A place to sleep can successfully fit into a U-shaped structure of cabinets and shelves at the top.

A wall with a window can also be functional; under the window sill, place a worktop for a work area or a cosmetic table, and place shelves or closed cabinets on the sides.


How To Create Space In a Small Apartment

Place the storage of the most necessary things at the height of the child, others a little higher. Toys can be placed in boxes or baskets (so it will be convenient to get and collect them quickly). It is best to choose a bed that is comfortable and functional with storage space.

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How To Create Space In a Small Apartment

Use a hanging sink with drawers for storing household chemicals, and instead of a regular mirror, hang a mirror cabinet – cosmetics will always be at hand. If you need additional storage space, you can place shelves or a rack above the washing machine.

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