How To Polish The Car By Hand

There is not a single type of polish, and not everyone actually uses it, as it is a kind of product that especially those who love four wheels use, those who prefer to wash and polish their car at home with a lot of love. But be careful, because before using some ingredients, it is preferable to know what one should expect.

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If the car is new, buy the polish for new bodywork; if instead, it has a few years and light scratches or lines, we opt for the classic polish. In any case, the polish should be used on a freshly washed and dry bodywork and should be spread in the garage or, in any case, in a place far from heat sources and sunlight, as polishing must be carried out with cold metal.

How To Polish The Car By Hand
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Pour the polish on a soft cloth and pass it only on the metal areas machines, remembering to treat one small area at a time, polishing the area with circular movements. Spray water on the bodywork after finishing the job and let it dry before giving the last pass only with the cloth or adding wax.

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The polish cannot be used on plastic parts of the machine, which could damage or alter. In any case, since the cleaning and car care products are all different from each other, we always read the instructions on the packaging to not make mistakes and take advice from those who sold us that car on the best ways to use it correctly.

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