How To Make A Good First Impression-Three Surefire Ways

The ubiquitous phrase “they are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds,” of course, has every reason to exist, but the appearance is not everything. After being seen, it is important to pay attention to other aspects of communication. Here are three steps to making a good first impression.

1. Be considerate

During communication, it is important to answer questions clearly, and frankly, without changing the topic, not being distracted by other people, and not starting to lie. If you do not want to answer a question, it is better to say clearly about it: “I would not like to answer this question now” or “Let’s discuss it another time.”

Being honest is important if you plan to continue communicating with this person in the future. If you do not like something, it is better to say about it right away, do it delicately and restrainedly. It’s still better than hushing up something and then dumping everything that you have accumulated on a person. And remember that being able to communicate with people is an important art that needs to be developed.

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2. Naturalness

When meeting a new person, try to be as natural as possible. Don’t make up any special stories, don’t try to seem like someone, be yourself. Naturalness magically attracts people, winning their hearts. To make a good first impression on someone, try to highlight your strengths.

How To Make A Good First Impression-Three Surefire Ways
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3. Honesty

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Honesty is an important factor in any relationship, be it your new business partner, potential friend, or, even more so, a loved one. It is unlikely that someone will be able to trust if the interlocutor is not honest fully. Remember that everything you hide will sooner or later become known and destroy what you value so much.

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