8 Questions That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Lovers often don’t know each other very well. If someone else’s soul remains in the dark, try to be honest. The right questions will help you understand your partner. Here is more.

1. What do you want now?

It often happens that your playful, funny, naughty, or any other mood breaks down on a solid and completely incomprehensible “No!”, “Stop!” To prevent this from happening much less often, try to adjust. Yes, as the members of the orchestra do.

It may well be that instead of sex, the beloved wants to cuddle, watch a movie, or lie down in silence. Whatever it is, allow your loved one to express their wishes.

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2. What should I change in my daily habits?

The answer to this question will open your eyes to many things. For example, you may be asked to brush your teeth before the morning kiss, or you may be asked to stop calling your mother-in-law funny but not very affectionate nicknames. More serious options are also possible, like helping around the house when the other half has a blockage at work. Listen carefully. This is a great opportunity to wind up and draw conclusions.

3. What went wrong last week?

Find out what actions of yours hurt your loved one. The answer to this question can expose both a deep wound of the soul and the accumulated irritation due to minor everyday problems. Unwashed dishes or dirty socks in unexpected places can be nonsense for you, but real torture for your loved one. Not to mention tactless jokes or late returns from work.

Take the answer calmly, with wisdom and patience. Let the partner speak out and take the burden off the soul. Thank you for your frankness, apologize or ask how you can make amends for what happened or how you can influence the situation.

4. How can I meet you from work?

Real surprises can lie in wait for many here. Someone wants to be silent after a hard working day for ten minutes, someone will prefer to lie down on the sofa, and hugs and a cup of cocoa will help others. You won’t know if you don’t ask directly.

8 Questions That Can Strengthen Your Relationship
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5. What actions can I do to show my love?

This is, of course, not about sex. Many often lack physical intimacy with a partner: hugs, kisses, handshakes, touches, strokes. Just like that, for no reason. Find out what makes your loved one happier and start putting it into practice.

6. What do you think about our sex life?

Sex is the most enjoyable, incomprehensible, and controversial part of a relationship. You may think that everything is in order, but you will definitely be surprised to hear the answer to this question. Something may be lacking, while others may be in abundance. Prepare to listen patiently to revelations about your sex life and correct your mistakes.

7. What worries you now, and how can I help?

An open dialogue will bare your soul and show what worries your loved one the most. Chances are, you won’t have to move mountains and drain oceans for a partner. Simple participation, faith, and love work wonders and truly inspire.

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8. What is difficult for you to talk to me about?

This question can be asked every few months. Everyone has their own emotional triggers that complicate life at certain times. Perhaps your loved one has long wanted to ask you to stop calling him a baby doll or a penguin in front of your friends, but he was afraid to offend because this is a manifestation of your love. Maybe the beloved was tired of your hour-long conversations and too frequent meetings with friends but did not want to limit freedom. It is in your best interest to learn, understand, and change.

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