20 Ways To Use Table Salt At Home

What can ordinary table salt do in the right hands? If you want to find out, keep reading this article.

Remove plaque from a vase or freshen up artificial flowers.

If there is a residue from flowers on your favorite vase, rub this plaque with salt. Then wash it off with warm soapy water – the deposits will disappear. The same trick helps deal with a plaque on the leaves of artificial plants; soak them in a saline solution and hold them for a while.

Extend the life of a broom

If you arrange a bath for a new broom in hot salty water, then it will last much longer. Soak the broom for 20 minutes and then let it dry thoroughly.

Wash off red wine stains

If wine spills on carpet or clothes, apply wet salt gruel on top. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then wash with hot water. By the way, salt works well with greasy stains if you don’t have time to wash them thoroughly. Just sprinkle the greasy grease with salt, then, at least, the grease will not spread further on the clothes.

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Wash off water stains from a wooden surface

If there are sloppy marks from glasses or water bottles on wooden furniture, the salt will come to the rescue again. Mix it with water to make a mushy mixture, and gently, without scratching, wipe the surface with a sponge or soft cloth.

Reanimate the sponge

After a short use, the sponges acquire a well-worn look, although,, in fact, they can still serve on the farm. Soak sponges overnight in saline solution; 1/4 cup salt per liter of water.

Remove frost from windows and frames

Salt reduces the temperature threshold at which water freezes. Wipe the glass near the frames with saltwater, let it dry. To prevent the windows from sweating, place a ragbag of salt between the glasses. The same bag is useful for motorists: wipe wet windows with it from time to time in the cold season.

Fight the ants

If ants suddenly attack your house and there is no special remedy at hand, use salt. Place it at doors, windowst, or right on the ant path. This will help stop the invasion for a while.

Remove burnt milk from the stove

Salt is generally a good thing for cleaning dishes and some kitchen utensils. For example, salt can clean a coffee pot, tea, or coffee rims on dishes. It copes well with burnt milk. Soak the stain with water and then sprinkle generously with salt. Wait 10 minutes, then try to remove the stain – the process will go much easier.

Remove lipstick marks

Not every dishwasher can cope with modern lipstick stains on glass, for example. Apply salt to the edge of the dish and then put it in the dishwasher. And a mixture of vinegar and salt added to the water will help to deal with yellow stains on the glass; soak the faded glass in this solution.

Peeling pecans

Peeling and coring a pecan can be tricky. Try soaking the nuts in saltwater for an hour or two. It will be easier to clean, and the body of the nut itself can be removed from the shell without problems.

20 Ways To Use Table Salt At Home
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Give the apple a fresh look

If the apple is slightly withered and wrinkled, wash it in a mild saline solution. The skin will become smoother and more elastic.

Prepare a body scrub

Salt can be used to exfoliate old skin particles before showering. There are many recipes for homemade scrubs, although they usually involve sea salt. But the same effect will be achieved if you apply salt to a sponge or washcloth and properly treat the skin before bathing. Such rubbing, by the way, is very invigorating and helps to get rid of morning sleepiness.

Freshen your breath

There is an old grandmother’s way; how to get rid of bad breath. Today it is forgotten by many but in vain. A mixture of baking soda (1 teaspoon), salt (the same amount),, and water (half a cup) still perfectly cleanse the oral cavity.

Clean the refrigerator

Don’t like chemicals when cleaning the inside of your refrigerator? The brine will do a pretty good job of tackling this problem, too, as long as your refrigerator doesn’t have old deposits. A handful of salt for 3.5-4 liters of warm water will be enough. The main thing is to dissolve it properly so as not to scratch the surface.

Boil eggs right

Add some salt to the water where you boil the eggs. This will strengthen the shell and prevent the egg white from spilling out even if the egg cracks. Plus, peeling the eggs will be much easier.

Fry food without splashing oil

If you are concerned about splashing the boiling oil, add a little salt to the skillet before placing the food. Excess moisture will be absorbed, and there will be much less splashing.

Fight mold

A mixture of salt and lemon juice is excellent at removing mold. Relevant when cleaning tiles or bathrooms. Salt can also keep the cheese from the mold; soak a napkin with brine and wrap the cheese in it.

Clean piano keys

Dipping half a lemon in salt creates a natural bleach and cleaner for old piano keys. After application, all that remains is to wipe the surface with a dry cloth gently.

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Keep water hot

Water in a heating pad or bottle will keep warm longer if you add salt to it.

Remove sweat marks

Fresh traces of sweat on clothes are removed with a solution of sodium chloride (1 tablespoon per glass of water).

As you can see, salt can be useful not only as a flavoring agent. We are used to buying a separate bottle with a special product for every small household item in the supermarket. But salt will cope with many household problems just as well.

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