5 Rules For Buying, Storing And Preparing Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not the easiest food to store and even prepare. They are not easy to choose either; But to master this art, it is enough to remember these five simple rules.

Don’t buy packaged mushrooms

If possible, buy mushrooms by weight. You can collect as many as you need, check each mushroom, and it usually comes out cheaper. Choose mushrooms that are free from blemishes or damage. A good mushroom is evenly colored, slightly damp, and smells pleasantly of earthy freshness.

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Do not store mushrooms in a plastic bag.

In a humid environment, mushrooms quickly become soft and moldy—store mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator’s main compartment. The paper will circulate air and absorb excess moisture.

Keep mushrooms away from odorous foods

Mushrooms absorb odors from other foods. So in the refrigerator, place them as far away from cheese, onions or garlic, herbs, and leftovers.

5 Rules For Buying, Storing And Preparing Mushrooms
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Peel mushrooms properly

Choose a method for cleaning the mushrooms depending on how you plan to cook them. For example, if you add them raw to a salad, you shouldn’t wash them. Mushrooms absorb water like a sponge; you don’t want to get jelly instead of salad, do you? Therefore, wipe them off with a paper towel. If the dirt does not rub off, slightly dampen a paper towel.

If you plan on boiling or frying mushrooms, you can wash them in water. Check each mushroom, remove the dirt with your fingers, and then pat the mushrooms dry on a paper towel.

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Use a larger pan and do not spare the oil

And again, we recall the ability of mushrooms to absorb water. To prevent your roast from turning into mushroom porridge, use a large skillet. The mushrooms should lie on it in one layer and rather freely so that the water released from them evaporates easily.

And do not spare the butter, be it vegetable or butter. Mushrooms absorb it quickly and can burn. Cook over medium to high heat, so the water evaporates quickly.

If you do it right, you will end up with delicious fried mushrooms in the right brown color. Enjoy your meal!

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