3 Steps To Help You Find Your Calling in Life

Author of the book “Destiny,” psychologist, screenwriter, illustrator. Developed an effective test training that helps people find their calling.

Every person has his own vocation. There are no exceptions. Everyone has the ability to do something in which he can best show himself. The problem is that it is not so easy to understand what this is. After all, until you try, you will not know.

Psychologist Alexander Rey offers a three-step methodology; awareness, direction, and action. Let’s briefly talk about it and the exercises that you can do right now.

Everything worthwhile was brought to life thanks to the three-step method. Without even knowing it, by trial and error people go through these three steps themselves and improve their lives.

Step 1. Realization

There will be no changes in your life until one day; you wake up with the thought that it is time to change something. To not wait for this wonderful day, you can act smarter – ask yourself the right questions.

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There are three main questions to start with:

  1. What is wrong in life, and you?
  2. What doesn’t suit you?
  3. What and how would you like to change?

And here’s the first exercise. Write 3-5 points for each area in your life. If nothing comes to mind right away, think about each item as much as necessary.

What does not suit you, and what do you want to change?

  • In a relationship with a partner: __________
  • In family relationships: __________
  • In relations with children: __________
  • In relations with parents: __________
  • In work: __________
  • In your wealth: __________
  • In its own character: __________
  • In your body: __________
  • Health status: __________

This list is your starting point. Ray advises that you contact him from time to time to track progress and remind yourself which areas of your life require change.

Step 2. Direction

The realization that there are things in your life that don’t suit you is not enough. You need to understand what to do with this fact further. At this point, it’s important to find the right direction.

One possible option Rei talks about is finding purpose through action. When you do not know what you want to do, try everything at random, you will get lucky someday. But it takes too much time and resources.

Another way is to connect your own experience. To do this, follow a simple exercise.

1. What would you do if you were rich?

Imagine that you are obscenely rich. You can write down this amount – the amount of money that you need to feel completely secure. You are so rich that you can do whatever your heart desires.

Write down five things you would do. But this should be exactly the case (and not idle activities like “lying on the ocean”) that requires your participation. Your goal is to come up with a job that will make you happier.

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

2. What would you do if you were poor?

And now let’s go from the opposite. Imagine that you were fired, and you have absolutely no means of subsistence. Think of five things you can do to make your living. Keep in mind that this is your chance to start from scratch, so choose what you like.

3 Steps To Help You Find Your Calling in Life
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  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

3. What activities make you happier?

And the last task. Write down five things you love to do for hours on end. List your hobbies and interests; inaction does not count.

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

The correct course is hidden in these three lists. Re-read them carefully again and decide where you will go.

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Step 3. Action

The most important stage. Without it, the two previous steps will remain just dreams. Choosing a direction will help you set specific goals. Break your goals into specific actions. And go for it.

All that is required is measured daily work, tiny but real steps.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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