Here Are The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps

To become rich, you need to pay attention to how much you earn and how much you spend. It’s easy to do – start tracking your expenses and income using one of the dedicated mobile apps for Android, iOS, or Windows. 

1. Money Lover

Money Lover is an application for those who want to keep their finances under control. With this app, you can track your spending, form a budget, and always be aware of your savings. Also, the application can record your debt obligations and permanent payments and remind you to make the next payment.

Price: Free

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2. Money Manager

This is a very functional application. It allows you to control your income and and expenses and provide comprehensive statistics for any period of time that interests you. Among the most significant functions are access to data from a computer, the use of a double-entry system, budget planning for individual categories, credit and debit card management.

Price: Free

3. Zen mani: cost accounting

Zen-Mani can independently record expenses, which eliminates the need to make each payment and purchase manually. To do this, you can connect to import of transactions from Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff Bank, and and Yandex. Money, Webmoney, or QIWI.

The application can also receive information about debiting money from incoming SMS from all the largest banks in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. With the help of “Zen-money,” you can see the big picture of your finances and understand how much money is free and how much you need to reserve for paying bills.

Price: Free

4. Bills Monitor

Each of us has to make a large sum of payments at some point: Rent, utilities, cable TV, internet, language courses, gym, and more. A delay in any of these payments will create problems for you or deprive you of any benefits, so it’s best to try not to forget about them.

With the Bills Monitor application, you will be sure that you paid all bills on time and also get an idea of ​​how much money is left in the end for life.

Price: Free

5. Money Wallet

Some users may think that there are few high-quality personal finance applications written for the Windows platform. However, it is not. A living example is Money Wallet, which unites all your accounts in one place, monitors your budget, and reminds you of scheduled payments in time.

You can manage various types of accounts (cash, bank account, credit card). It supports multi-currency with the ability to update the current rate over the Internet and also allows you to create weekly, monthly and annual budgets.

Price: Free

Here Are The 10 Best Personal Finance Apps
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6. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is an app for controlling your personal finances. Its main difference from other programs is that the user is invited to draw up a financial plan for the month himself. You specify how much you would like to spend on entertainment, transportation, food, and other categories of expenses, and Goodbudget will track how well you are meeting your goals.

Price: Free

7. Monefy

Monefy will help you organize a convenient accounting system for all your expenses. This application has an intuitive interface that allows you to add new entries instantly. If you have multiple devices or want to keep track of the whole family’s expenses, then the application has a synchronization system via Dropbox. The same cloud service stores data backups in case of failure or loss of a smartphone.

Price: Free

8. Splittable

The Splitting application is designed specifically for those who rent an apartment together or share the cost of maintaining a household with other family members. With its help, you can easily understand who pays more for utilities, how much money each spent on purchasing food and other general needs. Splittable will bring order to your total expenses, which will help avoid unnecessary disputes and resentments.

Price: Free

9. Expensify

Expensify’s primary focus is on storing and recognizing cash register receipts. You need to take a photo of an invoice in a cafe, bar, store so that the smart application will automatically add the amount presented on it to the right category of expenses. An ideal tool for business trips, after which you need to submit a detailed report on the money spent on your company.

Price: Free

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10. Moneygraph +

Moneygraph + is a simple and straightforward way to track finance for entrepreneurs, freelancers, copywriters, business people, and representatives of other professions who have constantly changing sources and amounts of income.

The application allows you to create multiple accounts, make transfers between them, use the built-in ones, create your own expense categories, customize and save reports, and synchronize data between multiple devices via OneDrive.

Price: Free

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