Yoga: Tips to Start Practicing

In this roller coaster of emotions that we are experiencing, it is natural to have anxiety moments. Sometimes all we need is a break for breathing – and nothing like yoga for that.
In addition to being perfect for practicing at home, the benefits of yoga are clearly perceived in your daily life. To give that initial incentive to those who always wanted to try it but still haven’t taken the courage, we prepared some tips to start practicing.

What is Yoga?

Yoga emerged in India and – much more than an exercise – it became a philosophy of life. The purpose of the practice is to increase your own body’s perception and be in tune with the present moment. Yoga exercises the body, mind, and emotions, so its benefits go far beyond the physical aspect.

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Yoga for Beginners


Everyone can practice yoga. There are yoga practices for different levels, and there is no charge for you to reach the most advanced positions if that is not your goal. There is also no ideal body type for yoga. The objective of the practice is self-knowledge and reconciliation with your own body.

Yoga Poses

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Yoga positions are called asanas. There are several strands of yoga – one example is Hatha Yoga – and each has a group of asanas and a different approach. However, the goals of working with the flexibility and expanding body awareness are present in all asanas.

Breathing Control


The breathing practices of yoga are called pranayama. Within the philosophy of yoga, the entire universe is governed by vital energy – prana. Day-to-day anxieties can diminish this energy, which is essential for a balanced and long-lived life.

Thus, breathing exercises – pranayama – aim to regain harmony between our mind and body, energizing our internal prana again.

Apps and Youtube Channels

Yoga is perfect to be practiced at home. And to start this journey, you can use free apps or subscribe to YouTube channels that specialize in instructing yoga for beginners to do the exercise at home. My Yoga school offers free live classes on YouTube.

The Daily Yoga app is one of the most recommended users, with more than 500 asanas – from beginners to more advanced – and about 200 online classes.

Practicing Yoga

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And what do you need to get started? Not much! Choose a quiet space in your home. You can use a regular mat, but yoga mats are ideal for preventing you from slipping or being uncomfortable during practice. Another tip is to wear comfortable yoga clothes and leave your body free for stretching.


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Yoga can be simple. The ideal is to connect with the moment. A bright space in which you feel at ease is the main thing. Turn off cell phone notifications and connect with your body. Enjoy each asana and indulge in the moments of breathing.

Take away thoughts of collection and self-judgment, do everything in your time.

Use Accessories if Necessary

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To help with flexibility exercises or support positions, yoga accessories are created specifically to make this moment the best possible, such as blocks and strips. The accessories give you support so that you don’t get hurt, improve your posture to avoid pain after practice, and even give that little extra help during the stretches.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that doesn’t take long for you to notice the benefits. Due to your focus on relaxation and breathing, the tendency is that you are less anxious and connected since the first practice. As yoga becomes a habit, these mental and physical benefits only increase.

Improve Anxiety


One of the main benefits of yoga is the decrease in anxiety—pranayama helps to calm the body and mind. The connection with the present moment removes concerns about the future or external problems, reducing anxiety and stress.

The philosophy of attunement with the body itself cultivates self-esteem and the celebration of our natural beauty, without judgment.

Improve Flexibility


Flexibility is not just opening a splitter. There are specific asanas to work with that kind of flexibility, of course. But having a flexible body is about health, above all. Respecting its limits, flexibility has different levels for each person.

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Asanas help you work and explore your body’s flexibility. A good stretch prevents daily pain, improves posture, promotes quality blood circulation, and prevents you from getting hurt.

To Relax


Yoga is the ideal practice to relax after a long day or even get ready before the routine starts. It is a moment of self-care and self-knowledge. Take time out of your routine to practice yoga and take care of your body and mind.

Yoga is a practice of self-care. But this affection can extend to all our beauty and health routines. That’s why we built a special place for reflections and tips on self-care – we have new content there every week! Enjoy and also check out the surprise we have prepared for you.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

Sources: Amaro Live