Why Are Deodorants Dangerous And What Are Their Alternatives?

Doctors say antiperspirants contain ingredients that can be harmful to health. Antiperspirants are products that contain aluminum salts and clog your pores. There should only be a deodorant that does not contain these harmful substances because it simply masks an unpleasant odor.

“Medicinal antiperspirants are sold in pharmacies, without aluminum. It is advisable to use them once or three times a week, not every day,” explains dermatologist Irina Matsidonskaya.

An alternative to these remedies for many people is the natural mineral alunite. They say, it is safer because aluminum from it does not clog skin pores, it has no smell, does not leave traces, and such a stone is enough for several years.

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Antiperspirants, deodorants, alunite, and sanitary liners; there are many ways to combat perspiration. However, when none of them helps, people turn to surgeons. Usually, hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – pushes you to see a doctor. Doctors are fighting it with botulinum toxin injections. Just one bottle for one axillary area – and for 6-8 months, you have no problems with perspiration.

Why Are Deodorants Dangerous And What Are Their Alternatives?
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What is the alternative to deodorant

A person with hyperhidrosis, says plastic surgeon Taras Baranov, is nervous about his problem and therefore sweats even more.

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“The essence of this procedure is to break the transition of a nerve impulse from the human nervous system to the sweat gland. The mesne drug acts on the sweat glands, which become insensitive,” the surgeon explains.

Another method is surgery. But before deciding on such treatment, you first need to consult a specialist.

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