Top 7 Signs Of Women’s Health Problems

The body sends all kinds of signals. These are not only the usual “I want to eat,” “it’s time to sleep,” “where is the ladies’ room,” but also “you need to go to an immunologist, and at the same time check your thyroid gland.” Learn to accept such alarms and don’t ignore them. Check for signs of health problems with self-diagnosis.

1. Lost sense of smell

It is, of course, great when everything stopped stinking. You can safely ride the metro and minibus even in summer. But besides, you stop smelling many wonderful scents. And the most unpleasant thing is that smell disorders indicate a possible early stage of Alzheimer’s disease

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2. Bad nails

In a healthy person, the nail plate is smooth, without grooves, and does not exfoliate. If you have bad nails, then you probably have internal problems; the bluish color of the plates suggests that you have a problem with the cardiovascular system, exfoliating nails with grooves send signals of infection (and even tuberculosis), white dots on the nails – the threat of diabetes, a lack of vitamins, furrows and a change in the shape of the plate – anemia.

3. Hair falls out

Of course, there are many different causes of hair loss. A rigid diet, stress, hypovitaminosis are the most common (fortunately, they are treatable). A dangerous symptom, if before falling out, the hair has become very dry, and besides, the eyebrows are bald – here you need to run to check the thyroid gland.

Top 7 Signs Of Women's Health Problems
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4. The appearance has sharply deteriorated

If you suddenly begin to look older and this is not because you are already under 70, but somehow quickly and unexpectedly turned gray, your face aged, wrinkles or cholesterol plaques appeared on the eyelids (yellowish deposits under the skin, similar to wen, only flatter), bags under the eyes, go to the cardiologist and quickly. You may have a pre-infarction condition.

5. Bad breath, bleeding gums

The gums’ condition speaks volumes, from improper dental care (tartar develops into periodontal disease) and oral cavity to hormonal or immune system disorders. Bad breath can indicate gastrointestinal problems. So you need to go to the dentist and the therapist, and take a blood test – too.

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6. Red eyes

Bursting vessels in front of the eyes reflect the picture that occurs with the brain vessels since, in fact, the structure and size of the vessels are the same. So the eyes can determine the state of the cerebral vessels long before the onset of a stroke.

7. Hearing impairment

If you began to hear much worse, and at the same time, there were no otitis media, go to donate blood for sugar. High blood sugar levels can cause hearing loss.

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