Prevention And First Aid For Stroke: Valuable Recommendations

This is not a disease of the older generation; stroke can occur even in children. Unofficially, there are twice as many of them. And some have had at least two strokes. And this disease is becoming more common every year among the younger generation. How to help a person with a stroke and what to do not to become a victim of it yourself, we will find out in this article.

What is a stroke: two types

A stroke is a cerebral hemorrhage. But they are of two types.

“The first is if blood does not flow to some part of the brain due to a blockage of the vessel. And the second type of stroke is when a vessel breaks, blood flows into the brain and damages it,” notes neurologist Tatyana Maikova.

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Prevention And First Aid For Stroke: Valuable Recommendations

The main causes of stroke

There are many reasons for a stroke. But the first thing that can be a wake-up call is frequent headaches and constant stress. Because of this, other reasons appear.

“High blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, diabetes mellitus, blood clotting, and viscosity disorders – these are 4 factors that together can lead to the poor blood supply to the brain,” the doctor comments.

Stroke is not a disease of the older generation. Due to the hectic social life and chronic stress, this disease is getting to younger people. It can even happen in children!

First aid for stroke

It is important to know the first symptoms of a stroke. The first and easiest thing is to ask the person to smile, and if it doesn’t work, pay attention to his movements.

And the doctor of the mobile hospital told about how to help a person at the beginning of a stroke.

“First, you should transfer the person to a reclining position so that the victim can breathe. Give access to fresh air – unbutton the outer clothing and make sure that the victim does not choke – put your head on your side so that your tongue does not burn,” advises resuscitation doctor Viktor Belilovets. “If the person is unconscious, check the breathing and turn him on his side so that he does not choke on saliva. Drop your lower arm, put your upper arm under your cheek, bend your knee, make a comfortable position for your lower arm.”

Prevention And First Aid For Stroke: Valuable Recommendations

And in both cases, immediately call an ambulance. And before its arrival, in no case, give the patient either water or medicine. After any stroke, a person needs not only physical rehabilitation but also a mental one. After all, 70% of stroke victims are depressed.

“These people, as a rule, are depressed. Not only because of the realization that they have had a difficult history, a serious illness, but also because, indeed, after a trauma such as a stroke, the brain cannot work effectively,” – said Tatiana Maikova.

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Therefore, to avoid the risk zone of stroke, you should adhere to certain rules

  • healthy sleep – at least 8 hours
  • moderate physical activity – at least an hour a day
  • a healthy diet – eat more fresh vegetables
  • psychological comfort – less stress and more rest

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Sources: Today Lifestyle