How to Survive in Group Chats

Group chats will become much less annoying for all participants if you stick to simple rules.

Once I got into a group chat in which seven people agreed to organize a conference. Everything went well at first. And then all seven people began to send each other voice messages. And seven people are known to dictate much more voice messages per unit of time than others. Therefore, the whole chat turned into a chat of unheard voice messages, diluted with texts: “Well, listen to my voice message!”

How to communicate in group chats to not enrage anyone, not to be enraged yourself, and to solve all issues quickly and peacefully?

1. If you can not create an extra group chat, do not create

There shouldn’t be many group chats. The more there are more notifications and the higher the risk that you will make the wrong windows. If there is already a chat that contains the people you need for a conversation, discuss the same chat issue.

For example, if you have already created a chat in which you discussed a gift for a colleague, then after a year, you do not need to create a new chat. You can go back to the old one and continue the discussion there.

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2. Ask permission to add to chat

If you plan to build a chat, ask permission from each participant you are going to add. Someone is not interested in the topic; someone hates chats. Now you have included innocent people in the conversation. If the person is not ashamed, they will leave the chat. If he is ashamed, he will turn off notifications. And if he is ashamed to go out and does not know how to turn off notifications, you run the risk of being in a chat with the most irritated and sad participants.

3. Agree on the chat rules

Think about the chat rules and try to agree on them with everyone involved. If you initiate a chat yourself, then communicate the rules to people the moment you invite them or fix the top message rules. If you are in a chat in which no one agreed on the rules, you can suggest simple rules of interaction, such as not flood or writing at night.

4. By the way, yes – don’t write at night

Not everyone can afford to turn off phone notifications overnight. Therefore, if you want to write to a group chat at night, then be patient until the morning to wake anyone up.

5. Only talk about a few people

Discuss personal issues in personal correspondence. If you have a topic that is not related to the chat or concerns a certain topic, only one person and not all participants, then go to private messages. There, you will not disturb people and do not force them to be unwitting witnesses of your personal conversations.

6. Refrain from voice messages

Send voice messages to the general chat only if all participants write to you: “Valery Stepanovich, do not refuse, sing our favorite song, send us a voice message.” Then uncover the microphone, sing, and send it to the chat. In other cases, voice messages in group conversations will lead to the fact that no one will listen to them; the flow of messages in group chats is greater than in personal ones, which means that participants will not listen to all the voices. Leave a voicemail for personal correspondence.

How to Survive in Group Chats
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7. Don’t break up messages into different words.

One phrase – one message. This rule also works for personal correspondence, but it must be observed, especially for group correspondence.

One person writes: “It seems that everything is clear what he wanted to say. But there is another person in the chat who writes about the same”

It also seems understandable. And then in one chat, it all got mixed up because they write at the same time:

And if a third, fourth, fifth person connects to this conversation, the conversation will turn into a meaningless set of words.

8. Don’t send messages without meaning

Emoticons, greetings, goodbyes do not carry a semantic load, but they disturb all chat participants. It’s sad to see twenty people receive notifications, take out smartphones, open applications, see an emoticon, close an application, remove smartphones, receive notifications again, take out smartphones again, open applications again, see a second smiley — and this is repeated many times.

9. Name the people you are talking to

If there are many people in a group chat, and you are waiting for a response from only one, say his name or mark with a tag. Then the person will understand that they are turning to him and will react more quickly.

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10. Do not send links, files, pictures without comment

What should your interlocutors do with the submitted information? How urgent is it? Write down why you sent it, and users will understand how to respond. Nobody will open the link if you have not explained what is published on this link.

11. Learn to turn off notifications

To reduce the annoyance of chats, turn off notifications. In almost every messenger, you can turn off alerts for individual dialogs. And if the conversation has become too intrusive and useless, feel free to leave the chat.

How do you know when it’s time to leave a conversation? If you have accumulated several hundred unread messages in the chat, you will most likely never read them. Feel free to run from this ship.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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