How to Recognize Hidden Depression In Your Loved Ones

Many people get used to dealing with their inner demons in such a way that those around them do not notice. And we may not even realize that our loved ones are suffering from depression. Read to find out more.

1. They put on a cheerfulness

Depression is a bad mood, and people living with depression make a conscious effort and do not show their feelings. No one wants to upset others, so many constantly hide their feelings and problems.

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2. They develop many good habits

Depression is treated with quite serious methods with the help of psychotherapy and medications. However, in addition to this, there are healthy habits that help people with depression regulate their mental state. These include music, sports, walking, and any other activity that keeps you from falling into despair.

3. They are afraid to be alone

Everyone who has ever faced depression understands how hard it is for the person himself and his loved ones. Sometimes a friend or partner may become distant because they are not ready to provide support. Naturally, many are afraid of this and do not share their problems.

How to Recognize Hidden Depression In Your Loved Ones
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4. They are adept at making excuses

People with depression face many difficulties that sometimes disrupt the normal course of life. They often have to find excuses to distract others from their pain and hide the symptoms of depression.

5. They have trouble sleeping and eating

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It would seem that these are minor factors, but in fact, they may well signal depression. For example, persistent sleep problems (too long sleep or, conversely, insomnia ), lack of appetite, or increased appetite may indicate mental problems.

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