How To Extend The Life Of Nylon Tights

No matter how you choose, no matter how much you pay, the treacherous arrows on nylon tights crawl out of your shoes and from under your skirt at the most inopportune moment. And the spare pair from the bag is torn even in the process of putting it on. Let’s try to deal with this.

Tights won’t serve you for years or even months, but an additional few days is already an achievement.

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More tenderness

If nylon tights do not withstand meeting with nails and are torn as soon as you take them out of the box, you can go the simple way and put on gloves before putting on tights.

How To Extend The Life Of Nylon Tights
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The same goes for stiff shoes. If you put an underfoot or a sock on your pantyhose, then they will take on all the load from friction against the surface of the shoe. This method is worth remembering if, for example, you have a day in closed shoes and an evening in more open shoes.

Even more tenderness

This is already on washing and drying; no powders, machine washes, or emergency dryers between hairdryer and battery. Liquid products only, hand wash only, gentle dry only at room temperature.

A special case

How To Extend The Life Of Nylon Tights
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If an important event is planned on someday and you really need a pair of tights to live until the evening, treat the tights you are wearing with hairspray in those places where they are most often torn. The effect does not last very long, and the procedure itself is not very pleasant, but it is better to use hairspray before the hole appears than nail polish when the spread of the arrow must be urgently stopped.

A method for all time

I tested this method specifically on the cheapest “disposable” tights that last no more than one day.

How To Extend The Life Of Nylon Tights
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Before use, the tights must be completely soaked in clean water and put in the freezer overnight. The frost should make the fibers stronger and more resistant to damage. In the morning, take out the tights, defrost at room temperature, and let dry.

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In my case, the “frostbitten” couple lasted 6 days, which was a record for more durable specimens. After that, of course, there’s always some room in the freezer for a new pair of tights.

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