Here Are The Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

If you want to have strong, healthy hair and, above all, make it grow vigorous, you need to pay close attention to nutrition. Some foods should not be missing in your diet because they contain essential nutrients.

Autumn is the season where you lose more hair. You don’t have to be scared if you find the brushes and clothes full. What you can do, however, is to stimulate its growth with nutrition. Several foods contain specific vitamins and minerals to help your hair to grow. Which ones are they?

Bluefish. Sardines and other fatty fish are the main dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, which act as anti-inflammatory foods. Oily fish can help prevent dryness and promote the production of oils in the scalp.

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Chicken. Chicken or other high-protein foods are essential for healthy hair and hair growth. Protein acts as building blocks for all of our cells, including our hair cells, and poor protein intake has been linked to hair loss.

Iron-rich cereals. Many breakfast bowls of cereal are fortified with iron. Iron is a key mineral that helps promote a healthy blood supply, and low iron levels have also been linked to hair loss.

Here Are The Foods That Make Your Hair Grow
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Eggs. Eggs offer several health benefits, but incorporating them into your diet may be the key for those looking to lengthen their strands. They are not only high in protein but also in biotin, which means you can say goodbye to dry and dull locks.

Quinoa. Good old Quinoa took off as the king of healthy superfoods a few years ago, and it seems like its powers have seen no limits since then. Among its long list of health benefits, quinoa can also help promote hair growth because it is rich in zinc.

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Sunflower seeds. They are one of the best food sources of vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant. Not only does Vitamin E protect our cells from the ravages of time, but it has also been linked to preventing hair loss and dry skin.

Carrots. Biotin is a B vitamin and is believed to prevent brittle hair and hair loss. Carrots are an excellent source of it, as well as containing vitamin A.

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