7 Ways To Spot a Liar

Bring the deceiver to the surface with the help of spy tricks.

In his book “Protect Yourself by the Technique of the Special Services,” former CIA agent Jason Hanson talks about what spy tricks can be used in everyday life. For example, how to learn to recognize lies. These tools will help you when you want to find out the truth and bring liars, thieves, cheaters, and hypocrites to clean water.

Before identifying the liar, establish a baseline; you need to know what is normal for a person and what is not. Let’s say you thought that a lady scratched your car in the parking lot. You ask her a question, and she begins to show signs of a liar, such as super outrage. And you decide: “Exactly, this is it!” But it is quite possible that the lady herself is very nervous and restless and always behaves that way.

You need to find out how a person reacts in a calm state for himself, and only then apply the techniques described below.

1. Indirect answer

The first sign of lying is avoiding a direct answer to the question. Let’s say you ask, “Did you steal the computer from the office?” – and you hear in response, “How could you suspect me at all? I just got out of sick leave, and I can’t even lift my wallet, let alone take out the whole computer. ” Another liar may begin to say that he is the most respectable person in the world, or the senior in the doorway, or was the headman at the university, or is friends with the district police officer.

An honest person will not list all the reasons he can be trusted but will answer the question.

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2. Religion

A person who has nothing to cover, caught in a lie, may try to justify himself by religion. For example, if a potential thief starts to resent and give out phrases like “How could you think that I could steal something! I’m a Mormon! Mormons do not get their hands dirty with theft, ”then there is a high probability that you are facing a Mormon with double standards.

7 Ways To Spot a Liar
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3. Legs

Many people naively think that a liar is easiest to recognize by his face, but there it was! A person’s legs give much more information. Surely you have had such situations. You sit next to the person and ask him a provocative question. In response to this, he begins to twitch his legs. Most likely, this means that he is lying.

By the way, don’t forget about the starting point in all cases. There are people who almost always twitch their legs when talking.

Legs give us away very often. By the way the sole is directed, you can find out where a person wants to go. If you are talking to a person and his feet are facing the door, then it is likely that he wants to leave.

Customs officers are also trained to observe the feet. If an employee’s legs are directed at him during a conversation, the person has nothing to hide. And if the feet are turned towards the exit, then the customs officer may suspect that the matter is unclean.

4. Immobilization

In the book, Jason tells such an ironic (and life, by the way) story. Once he was flying in an airplane and suddenly one of the passengers … let out gases. And a delicious portion. Everyone started looking around and looking for this bully. And only one person stood rooted to the spot.

Jason immediately guessed it was him. Liars often act like a turtle in fright: they pull their heads into their shells and do not move.

5. Too sincere look

Many people think that if a person starts to lower his eyes to the floor, he is lying. This is not true. A person may have a dozen reasons to look down. Embarrassment, for example.

Imagine your boss calls you and asks where the reports have gone. You don’t know where they went. Lower your eyes down. The situation itself is such that this is a normal reaction for you. Especially when you consider that your boss is sanding you, and you are a subordinate. If the person looks you straight in the eyes, too directly and sincerely, this may mean that he is lying.

6. Hyperreaction

Many liars react too emotionally to being accused of lying. The goal of overreaction is to make you feel guilty about your suspicion. For example, one lady suspected that her husband was cheating on her. She directly asked him a question about treason, and then he exploded. He was so outraged by her suggestion that he yelled for several minutes without stopping. He grabbed his heart and said, “How could you even think that!” A couple of days later, it turned out that the wife was right.

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7. Crime and punishment

There was such a story. 50,000 rubles were stolen from the restaurant’s cash register. To find out who stole, the employees were given a questionnaire. There was a question in it: “What punishment does this person deserve?” All employees wrote something like “Dismiss.” And only one answered: “People sometimes make mistakes. This person must be strictly warned so that this never happens again. ” As a rule, the guilty people believe that punishment should be milder.

Finally, remember that all these techniques do not give you a one hundred percent guarantee of recognizing a liar.

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