7 Good Habits That Come From Reading Books

Less well-known benefits of reading that will make your life better. Each of us lives only one life, but books allow us to gain the wisdom of thousands of people. When an author writes, rewrites, and edits, he transforms his words into the best version of himself. As you read, you are spending time with an intelligent person in a meditative state.

Like any other technology, books read without a purpose do nothing. But learning to evaluate, select, and buy literature properly can help develop invaluable habits.

1. You will become smarter without any magic pills

Books are the best substitute for nootropics – drugs designed to stimulate mental activity, improve memory, and increase learning ability. If nootropics cease to have any effect over time, then reading constantly improves your mind. Besides, all the side effects of reading have been known for a long time, which obviously cannot be said about pills.

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2. You will constantly update your knowledge

Most books are written while the author is in a state of flux. The writer communicates his wisdom with little or no ego. When the reader walks through these words and enters their own flow state, magic happens.

After reading for a sufficient amount of time, you will feel that your mind has been modernized. After such an update, it will be easier for you to prove yourself in a conversation, and you will also pump your writing skills.

3. You will learn to be alone

The American philosopher Eric Hoffer once said: “Alone with ourselves, we are in bad company.” But this can be fixed, although you will have to work hard.

As we read books, pause for reflection, and continually improve ourselves, we can develop the habit of sitting quietly in a room alone. So you can overcome one of the main problems of humanity, about which the French mathematician Blaise Pascal spoke; “All the misfortune of people comes only from the fact that they do not know how to sit quietly in their room.”

4. You will get used to learning from experience directly

The thirst for wisdom is the only desire that can be satisfied without problems, without the risk of being overly carried away. After reading enough, we are charged with good ideas and courage, so we are ready to explore the world. When someone’s wisdom fuels us, we are glad to go on a journey with the book’s heroes. This means we are guaranteed to get the first-hand experience in the real world.

7 Good Habits That Come From Reading Books
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5. You will learn to meditate

The more we read and spend time with books, the more we accumulate concentration, and the more we want to practice mindfulness and meditation. Thanks to reading, we become calmer and more patient; we learn to focus on one thing for a long period of time.

6. You will understand the benefits of strategic isolation

“We need alienation in order not to go crazy in this culture,” said American writer Terence Kemp McKenna. Reading is one of the newest socially acceptable reasons for being alone. If you want to be respected by those around you, there is no better option for strategic isolation than books. They save you from the crowd.

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7. You will get used to telling the truth

I am calm, of course, that I will accomplish my writing task under all circumstances, and from the grave – even more successful and undeniable than alive. No one can block the paths of truth, and I am ready to accept death for its movement. But maybe many lessons will teach us finally not to stop the pen of the writer during his lifetime? It has never graced our history yet.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, writer

Many people hate to think. When they hear something clever, they react like animals. Many people hate it when someone tries to get to the bottom of the truth and understand how our world works. And the most important secrets, as noted by the American philosopher Leo Strauss, are often hidden in books.

Most creative people know this and are sure that the only way to convey the truth is through a book or parable. Throughout history, those who made others think were usually scapegoats, expelled from society, or even presented as the spawn of hell. Books provide an opportunity to transfer all this and, despite everything, to spread your ideas.

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