5 Ways to Calm Down When Everything Piss You Off

Take a deep breath and control your anger.

We all get angry; a colleague interrupted at a meeting, you were denied a promotion, a loved one let you down at a difficult moment – you probably began to get annoyed just remembering how something similar happened to you. And sometimes,,, the feeling of anger is necessary. It empowers you to protect yourself and others in the face of injustice. It’s a legitimate emotion, and you shouldn’t judge yourself for it.

But there is no need to succumb to it blindly. Sometimes anger is paralyzing so that you cannot do anything,, and you lose control of the situation. Try one of the following methods to calm yourself down when you feel overwhelmed again.

1. Ask yourself if your anger is reasonable.

Take a few deep breaths and think about why you are angry.

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“Before trying to get rid of anger, try to determine how reasonable it is,” advises psychologist Lauren Appio. – Would it be natural for another person to be angry in such a situation? If so, so are you. Such recognition does not mean that now you can lose your temper. It just helps you understand your own needs. “

2. Consider if anger masks other feelings.

For example, fear, pain, or embarrassment. These emotions make us feel weak, and we want to hide them. Try to breathe through your anger, but do nothing under its influence. Look under it. If you find another feeling there, deal with it; accept your feelings, change the situation or express needs. Then the anger will subside.

3. Leave the room

Change your environment or walk away from whatever is fueling your anger. According to psychotherapist Anita Avedian, a walk-in nature is especially useful in this case. It helps your body produce endorphins, hormones of joy that reduce pain.

If a fit of anger occurs during an argument, don’t leave silently. Let them know that you need to be alone, and when you will be back approximately.

5 Ways to Calm Down When Everything Piss You Off
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4. Talk to your inner child

Don’t dismiss this advice. According to psychologist Margaret Paul, being angry with another person can signal that you are not taking care of yourself in a difficult situation. Talking to your inner child will help you identify what’s wrong and be kinder to yourself.

“Imagine the angry part of you is a hysterical kid who really needs compassion,” Paul advises. – Imagine hugging him with kindness and sympathy. Ask him why he is mad at you. Didn’t you stand up for yourself? Did you make a concession instead of honestly expressing your opinion? Do you ignore your negative experiences? ” Once you understand the cause of your anger, it will be easier for you to let it go.

5. Identify the physical signals of your anger

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Most people don’t realize their danger until they do what it pushes them to do. Most likely, you also fell for someone and then marveled at your behavior. To prevent this from happening again, watch how your body physically expresses the emotion. For example, you tighten your shoulders or jaw, bite your lip, or clench your hands into fists. Or maybe you lose the ability to think clearly and see only the object of your anger.

Write down these signals to help you quickly recognize them in the future. And to cope with such physical manifestations right now, breathe deeply and try to relieve muscle tension.

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