5 Questions to Ask Yourself As Often As Possible

To move your life in the right direction, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Albert Einstein said: “If I had one hour to solve a problem, and my life depended on its solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes to formulate a question.” And he was right; asking a question competently is the most important step towards solving problems and achieving goals.

Here are seven questions from the books “The Important Years” and “Be the Best Version of Yourself.” Each person should ask themselves.

1. What do I give to the world?

Today’s main question is this; how do you transmit to the world what you receive from?

A person’s success is ultimately determined by what he is ready to give to the world.

Dan Waldschmidt, author of Be the Best Version of Yourself

So what exactly do you give to the world? What are you creating? Take the time and write down the answer to this question on the paper. It is not necessarily something monumental or visible. For example, you may find that you are best at maintaining strong relationships within your family. So write it down. What coin are you paying the world with? Are you just taking, or are you ready to give?

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2. What do I really want?

Everyone has an inner voice that whispers about desires and dreams. Strengthen it. Write down all the desires that arise in your head on stickers. Whatever they are – great, stupid, strange, funny – write them down.

Some will be fleeting, and some will take hold and sound louder and more often in your head. This is you and your true desires. Don’t listen to what others have to say about what you want. If you want – do it!

The second method works in reverse. Get rid of everything that you don’t want to do and that you don’t need. On a piece of paper, write down all the commitments, beliefs, that is, all the “must” that you have. Then answer yourself three questions for each “must”

  • Where did it come from?
  • Is it real?
  • Do I want to follow it?

Cross out any beliefs that don’t work for you. Thus, you will free up time and space for your present yourself.

3. How much can you excuse yourself?

Almost any of our desires that contradict the brain’s safety notions, any action that somehow pulls us out of our comfort zone, meets with powerful resistance. This is called the force of resistance.

For the brain, our exit from the comfort zone is like wildfire. To prevent this from happening, he directs his fire brigades in the form of excuses. Now listen and hear their loud signal. They are driving, and your mind begins to pour fire foam in the form of excuses.

  • It’s so disgusting outside, let’s stay at home.
  • If you leave work, you will starve!
  • Don’t start your own business. None of your acquaintances succeed.
  • “Don’t leave the room. Don’t make a mistake ”(Brodsky’s fire foam).
  • Don’t go to this training. Otherwise, you won’t have enough money to live until the end of the month.

All this is a force of resistance. How often does this defensive reaction get in the way of your life?

5 Questions to Ask Yourself As Often As Possible
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4. What gives me the most energy?

In The Critical Years, Meg Jay writes; “It’s easy to figure out what we love the most. The things we love give us the greatest amount of energy”. This means that you need to keep track of when you have the most energy. For example, if you feel uplifted when painting pictures, paint pictures. If you feel like you have the most energy when you organize big events – organize them. If you’re feeling energized at the gym, do it.

Do not try to follow the imposed path and become a lawyer because your parents wanted it. Or because you have read the rating “The most demanded professions of the future”. Follow the energy, and your passion will definitely find a way out.

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5. Important or urgent?

It happens that we are so tired of everything that we don’t even want to get up in the morning. We don’t have any desires. Complete apathy. All this happens because we are driving ourselves into a swamp of obligations, from which we cannot get out. Because we often do what we need and not what we want, we stop wanting anything at all.

We miss this moment because the frantic rhythm of our life does not allow us to stop and think about ourselves and our dreams. And, most importantly, about our priorities. What are your true priorities? Perhaps this is a career, changing the world for the better, a strong family, health, a favorite thing.

Harmony with yourself will allow you to put the most important thing in life first and stray from this course.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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