25 Weird Things That All Couples Swear About

If you’ve been living together for more than a week, you probably fought over one of these irrational reasons.

In the bedroom

1. Temperature conditions

You put on socks, pants, a sweater and remember where the fur coat hangs when you suddenly discover that all the windows in the apartment are open wide open. Or, conversely, you sweat and find out that someone has turned off the air conditioner. Obviously, this villain wants to freeze or fry you; how not to swear.

2. Duvet covers

They say there are no cauldrons in hell. You are made to fill the duvet covers non-stop. When changing clothes, a branch of the underworld opens in your bedroom; what arguments do not come into play to not participate in this monstrous attraction.

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3. Turn off the light

When both have made comfy nests out of blankets, it can be difficult to agree on who should leave the warm bed to turn off the lights.

4. Snoring

On the one hand, the person who snores does not do it on purpose. It’s hard to blame him. On the other hand, you have been spinning from side to side for the third hour, and no earplugs can muffle this annoying sound. It seems that blaming your partner is not so difficult.

5. Scattered things

Even the most tolerant couples periodically quarrel when someone stumbles over someone else’s socks or a hairbrush.

6. Wet towel on the bed

Wet sheets could still be survived. But how can you tolerate having a wet towel lying on your side of the bed?

7. Someone else’s alarm clock

You would prefer to sleep peacefully rather than listen to your bedmate setting the alarm ten times “for another five minutes.” As a result, you have to get up while the other half is dreaming.

8. Something was done in a dream

You were guilty; you changed, left, broke your partner’s favorite vase. True, this happened in his dream. On the one hand, no one is to blame. On the other hand, your spouse is upset, and you are angry because of the situation’s absurdity.

In the kitchen

9. The last piece

You bought something tasty for two, but one ate his portion right away, and the other put it in the refrigerator to enjoy in the morning. It is easy to imagine the whole gamut of feelings of a thrifty partner who, anticipating a date with a treat, discovers that his portion is not there.

10. Smartphone at lunch

When you think of an idyllic family dinner, you can hardly imagine that everyone in it is staring at their smartphones. Today’s full-time couples don’t have enough time for each other, so that gadgets can cause serious disagreements.

11. Empty frying pan or plate in the refrigerator

When someone overeats all the food from the refrigerator, leaving empty pans and plates, it is not surprising that his half imagines throwing these dishes at the delinquent. Because it is not clear what a person hopes for in this situation; that the pan will teleport to the sink and wash? This will not happen.

12. Nails on the table

Worse than clipped nails on the table is only a pedicure, which one partner does while half is trying to eat a meter away.

In the living room

13. TV volume

One partner still does not hear what the announcer is saying; the other is afraid that he is about to go deaf. A difficult situation in which it is almost impossible to find a compromise.

25 Weird Things That All Couples Swear About
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14. Serial betrayal

You struggled not to watch the TV show’s new episode, but suddenly it turns out that your partner did not keep you serial fidelity. He not only knows what was in the episode but also ruthlessly comments on what is happening.

15. Untimely sleep

You decided to show your partner your favorite movie, and he fell asleep in the middle. You involuntarily become thoughtful; maybe you do not have so much in common as it seemed.

In the bathroom

16. Toothpaste

One pedantically squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube to the neck; the other just squeeze the package in the middle. Someone forgets to close the paste with a lid, and it dries up; someone shifts it from the sink to the shelf above the bathroom or vice versa. There are many reasons to quarrel over a dentifrice; there is only one solution – to buy everyone their own tube. But not the fact that it will help.

17. Toilet lid

Who should raise and lower the toilet lid and toilet seat are more serious questions than “Who is to blame?” and “What to do?” However, they did not find a universal answer to it, so the quarrels about this do not stop.

18. Toilet paper

There are purely practical reasons for the quarrel. For example, why didn’t the person who ran out of toilet paper hang up a new role and set up the person who went to the seclusion room after him? Or why the bushing dangles on the holder for the second day.

But the leader in the rating of stupid quarrels over toilet paper is purely aesthetic in nature and consists in how to hang the roll on the holder: with the free end against the wall or from the wall.

19. Position of the water switch from the watering can lead to the tap

Perhaps a person who, in a ceremonial suit, went to wash his hands and received a stream of water from the shower in his face has a good reason to be angry and indignant.

20. Hair on the soap

Suddenly hairy soaps are less of a problem than the threat of nuclear war, but the consequences can be just as devastating.

In the Internet

21. Bad photos

The partner has once again posted a photo that you would prefer to burn with your camera. It is logical to start figuring out why he is taking revenge on you.

22. Suspicious likes

The most non-jealous person may have questions if you generously shower someone attractive with likes or compliments.

Outside home

23. Uncontested criticism

When asked where to go, what to cook for dinner, where to spend a vacation, half answer that he or she doesn’t care. But at the same time, he rejects any specific proposal, not hesitating in expressions. If you’re not on a mind-reading quiz, it’s only natural to get angry.

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24. Stolen food

You ask your partner at least ten times if he wants to buy or order food that you decide to take for yourself. He says no ten times, and then he drags the treat off your plate. In this situation, you need a Buddhist calm so as not to lose your temper.

25. The shortest path

If you do not know a lot about quarrels, you, of course, compare different routes in the navigator and choose the shortest. But many couples do not miss the opportunity to argue about which road to go or drive.

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