10 Psychological Tests To Help You Get To Know Yourself Better

Here are questionnaires to test intelligence, level of anxiety, degree of conflict, and more. Read along with me to find out which ones they are. 

1. Raven’s IQ test

This test will help you determine how smart, quick-witted, and logical you are. It consists of 60 tasks, the difficulty of which is gradually increasing. Each question is a picture with symbols or shapes linked together. Your task is to understand what principle they are located and then insert the missing element into the image.

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2. SMIL test

This questionnaire will come in handy to compose your comprehensive psychological profile. You will be able to find out the personality type, dominant character traits, communication style, propensity to take risks, level of self-esteem, and that’s not all!

True, to get the coveted result, you have to sweat; the full version of the test consists of 567 statements. You will have to choose whether you agree with them or not. But there is also an abbreviated version for express diagnostics of 65 questions.

3. Thomas – Kilmann test

Find out how prone you are to conflict and how you behave when things get tense. Check which style of disagreement is closest to you; confrontation, compromise, or silence. The questionnaire consists of 30 pairs of statements. In each question, you will need to choose the answer option that most accurately characterizes your behavior.

4. Test “House, tree, person”

A person’s drawings can tell a lot about his inner world. Check it out for yourself; draw a house, a tree, and a person on paper, and then find out what it all means. After interpreting the results, you will receive information about what lies in your subconscious mind, how comfortable you feel in society, what worries you, and other interesting data.

5. Questionnaire of interpersonal relations

This test will help determine your level of socialization. Check if you can easily bond with people, how much they influence you, and how great your need for communication and attention is. Be as honest as possible during the test. Answer the way you really think, not the way others expect you to. Then the results will be more reliable.

10 Psychological Tests To Help You Get To Know Yourself Better
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6. Activity style questionnaire

This style of activity is the ways and techniques by which a person achieves the set results. Answer questions about your temperament, character, and interests, and then find out who you are; an activist, thinker, theorist, or pragmatist.

After passing the test, you will receive a detailed description of your type, and you will also find out what can reduce and increase your effectiveness in achieving your goals.

7. Taylor Anxiety Scale

Sometimes healthy anxiety can be helpful. It helps to be more attentive and more careful in unforeseen situations. But if anxiety arises for no reason and exceeds reasonable standards, it makes life difficult. The test will help you find out if you are prone to this disorder.

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8. Boyko test for the diagnosis of burnout

Fatigue, irritability, poor sleep, and an inability to concentrate on the task at hand are sure companions of emotional burnout. If you experience any of these symptoms, take a test and see if it’s time for you to take a vacation and get some good rest.

9. Test of life-meaning orientations

This short survey will help you determine the overall level of meaning in your life. It will show how productive, rational, and eventful the already lived part of it is and make it clear what your chances are for a happy, bright future.

10. Albert Ellis test

Since childhood, each of us has certain attitudes that sometimes prevent us from adequately perceiving reality. With this test, you can find out what negative biases you have, how they affect your perception of the world, and what to do to get rid of them.

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