10 Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Buy

They give status, not practical benefits.

1. Latest model gadgets

People buy flagships not because their smartphone suddenly stopped working on the very day of the start of sales of the next iPhone or Samsung. Against the backdrop of a shiny new device, our gadgets seem hopelessly outdated, thanks largely to the manufacturing ‘ advertisingcompanies’ advertising. Some even think that walking with a smartphone of the past, and even more so the model before last, is stupid, unfashionable, or indecent.

But in reality, a smartphone or tablet is primarily a tool with a certain set of functions and parameters. If something that you really need for work or life has been added to the new model, it makes sense to buy it. And if you have enough of those functions in your device, there is no need to change it right now.

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2. Club cards to an elite fitness club

A fitness club is primarily a place where people go in for sports. Basic simulators and group exercises, which are needed for this, are even in the basement rocking chairs. Everything you pay on top, you give back for comfort, spacious changing rooms, attractive interiors, panoramic windows, fitness bars, a sauna, and a spa.

And of course, for a variety of simulators and programs. Most of which you probably won’t even use. To improve your health and build a beautiful body, you really need a minimal set of tools.

When choosing a fitness club, it is important to focus on the qualifications of the coaching staff.

3. Gift editions of books

With gold embossed spine or color cut, all of these fancy books look gorgeous on the shelf and are sure to impress guests. But it is inconvenient to read them; they are heavy, it is scary to tear them, wrinkle or get dirty.

With them, you won’t lie on the couch. You will not relax on a sun lounger while sipping a cocktail or throwing cherries in your mouth. Finally, it won’t be easy to take them with you to read on the bus or train. In short, if you need a book just as a book and not as a piece of furniture, choose a simpler edition.

4. Takeaway food

Many services are ready to save you time and provide you with three meals a day. And at the same time, take into account your dietary habits and the number of calories and macronutrients you need.

Sounds very tempting. But this pleasure is quite expensive.

If you order food for the whole month, you will hardly spend less than 20 thousand rubles for just one person. And at the same time, you will still not be able to control what products breakfast, lunch, and dinner were prepared for you and how fresh and high-quality they are. To eat properly, it is not necessary to choose ready-made meals. It is cheaper and safer to buy food and cook yourself.

10 Expensive Things You Shouldn't Buy
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5. Luxurious wristwatch

It is an accessory designed to showcase the status and income level of the person wearing it. If you only need a watch to show the time and expensive models will make a dent in your budget, limit yourself to more affordable options. Or do without traditional wrist models and replace them with fitness bracelets or smart-watches.

6. Brand clothing

When we buy a thing with a big name on the label, we pay not for jeans or a T-shirt, but for the sense of self that they can give. Whether it’s worth it depends on your values ​​and income level. If you have to deny yourself everything for six months for the sake of acquiring a branded bag, this does not look like a rational acquisition.

In order to move your things from point A to point B, you can choose a cute model for a reasonable price for you.

7. Products from Instagram

Instagram has long become a platform for a wide variety of shops and showrooms. There you can order clothes, shoes, lingerie, cosmetics, toys, beauty and health products and much more. And although almost every seller assures that he has his own production or that he buys his products somewhere in Italy, in reality, this is not always the case.

In addition to handmakers and distributors of European brands, Instagram is full of those who buy goods on Aliexpress or in some market and then sell it all for at least three times the markup.

And it turns out that you are not paying for a thing, but for the services of a nice administrator and a beautiful bag.

Before you buy something, check if there is a similar item somewhere for a lower price. For example, run a picture search in the Aliexpress app. And if you still decide to buy in the Instagram showroom, read the reviews and ask them to send you data about the seller.


8. Lifetime access to applications and services

Some sites and services provide tariffs for a month or a year and open up the opportunity to buy a full, unlimited, and lifetime package. And although their prices are usually very biting, at first glance, it seems like a bargain. You don’t need to make recurring payments, you have access to all services, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

But don’t forget that everything can change a thousand times.

What if you get tired of this service or product, or a more convenient application appears? Or it turns out that you don’t need all these services, and in fact, you could get by with the limited version. Finally, the service seller may change the terms, or the product itself may cease to exist. In general, paying big bucks for something you might not use is risky. And it is better to choose not such a long-term tariff plan.

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9. Expensive clothes for babies

Before the birth of a child, parents-to-be often lose touch with reality. They are told from all sides that the child certainly needs only the best bottles, rattles, overalls, and hats. Allegedly, the baby does not care in which sliders he will sleep in the stroller and on which T-shirt he will selflessly smear the pumpkin puree.

As a result, parents spend a lot of money to buy branded clothes and forget that the baby actually needs very little. The main thing is that the clothes are made from natural fabrics and that there are no rough seams, uncomfortable fasteners, or buttons in them that the child can tear off and swallow.

In addition, small children grow up very quickly and simply will not have time to wear out the 25 sets of clothes that you bought for joy.

And suits, dresses and shoes “like those of adults” are handy only for a photo session: a baby is uncomfortable in them.

10. Household appliances at one time

All these juicers, waffle makers, crepe makers, ice cream makers, fondue makers, all kinds of food processors. It seems that you will buy all this and will definitely start cooking healthy and beautiful food every day, just like photos in food blogs, only for you to stuck them on shelves for months.

But in fact, we use these miraculous devices a couple of times, and then they take place on the shelf and look at us with a silent reproach for the money spent. We occasionally eat Belgian waffles or fondue, you don’t have to buy a whole arsenal of kitchen gadgets. Much easier to go to a cafe. And if you still want to buy household appliances, but you know that you will not use them often, choose a budget model without a fancy design, Internet access, and other tinsel.

The same, by the way, applies to beauty devices: stylers with 15 attachments, massagers for all parts of the body. These things often gather dust around, so before spending money on them, make sure you really need them.

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