How to Lose Weight Fast With Hellish Interval Training

You will work for five minutes and rest for five minutes.

Why is this interval weight loss workout great?

  1. She burns a lot of calories. Due to the high intensity of the workout, you burn calories not only during but also after it. By creating a calorie deficit, you are destroying fat stores. The main thing is not to overeat after class, so as not to return everything you spent.
  2. It strengthens the muscles of the whole body. The exercises are selected in such a way as to work almost everything: arms, chest, abs, hips, and buttocks. After just a few workouts, your body will look more toned and athletic.
  3. It develops endurance. Before long, you will start to notice that climbing stairs, chasing the bus, and other daily tasks are easier for you.

It should be understood that a 10-minute workout does not replace a full-fledged workout in the gym or half an hour of running at an average pace. But it will help you burn much more calories than the same exercises performed at a calm pace and with a long rest between sets.

If you have cardiovascular disease, obesity, or problems with the spine and joints, consult your doctor before doing this.

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What do we have to do?

The workout lasts 10 minutes and consists of 10 exercises. You do each for 30 seconds and rest the rest of the minute. Exercise quickly and at full range. To burn as many calories as possible, you need to do as many reps as possible in 30 seconds.

If you don’t have time to rest in half a minute, try a more gentle option; 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest. If the workout seems too easy for you, add the work time; 40 seconds for movement, 20 seconds for a break.

To lose weight as quickly as possible, exercise every day.

What exercises does interval training include?

1. Jumping Jacks

These simple leaps, feet together, feet apart, will warm up the body for more challenging exercises. Try to move quickly, and don’t be lazy to clap over your head.

2. Air squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with the toes slightly outward. Squat quickly and deeply, at the bottom of the thighs should be parallel to the floor. It is even better if the hip joint is below the knee. Keep your back straight. Do not lift your heels off the floor or curl your knees inward. You can work with your hands or keep them on your belt – whichever is more convenient for you.

3. Burpee

Get into a lying position, then touch the floor with your chest and hips. Return to the plank position, quickly pull your legs to your arms and jump up. It is not necessary to jump high. The main thing is to get off the floor and straighten at the hip and knee joints. Do the clap above or behind your head.

If it is too difficult for you and cannot maintain a high pace, do not sink to the floor. Do an emphasis while lying down and immediately pull your legs to your hands.

4. Plank

Take a lying position, palms – under the shoulders, abs and buttocks are tense. Do not lift your head. Your gaze is directed to the floor. Make sure that the lower back does not sink. Breathe deeply and evenly. If you feel that you can no longer maintain the correct position and the body bends in the lower back, get down on your knees. If your wrists hurt, lean on your forearms.

How to Lose Weight Fast With Hellish Interval Training
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5. Jumping lunges with alternating

From a standing position in jumping, lower yourself to one knee, then to the other. Make sure that the knee in front of the standing leg does not extend beyond the toe. Do not touch the floor, or you may bump. Place your hands on your belt or hold them in front of you. If you can no longer jump, and 30 seconds are not over yet, switch to normal lunges without jumping.

6. Walking bar

Stand in a plank on straight arms, tighten your abs, and buttocks. Keep your back straight. Take turns lowering your right and left hands on your forearms, and then rise in the same order: first and then the left. Next time, lower yourself down with your left hand.

If it’s too difficult for you, kneel.

7. Frog jumping

Stand in support, tighten your abs and buttocks to avoid arching in the lower back. In a jump, pull your legs to your arms, and then return to the starting position in the same way. If you don’t have enough stretch to get your feet close to your palms, it’s okay – jump as close as possible. Don’t try to increase the range dramatically. This could result in injury.

8. Sumo Bend Squats

Place your feet wider than your shoulders, turn your socks to the sides, and put your hands behind your head. Squat down to parallel hips with the floor, spreading your knees. As you exit the squat, lift one knee, tilt your torso to the side and touch your elbow to your knee. Repeat on the other side.

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9. Side push-ups from knees

Stand on your knees, place one hand next to your body, and move the other to the side by about 20 cm. Lower your shoulders, bring your shoulder blades together, tighten your abs and buttocks. Do a push-up and change hands: put one closer to the body, the other further. Make sure that your elbows point backward and not to the sides during the exercise. If you can do classic push-ups, do it.

10. Scissors

Sit on the floor, raise your legs straight, and straighten your back as much as possible. Place your hands on the floor. Raise one leg and lower the other at the same time. Keep your knees straight. You can stretch the toes of your feet. If your back is fatigued, lie on it, press your lower back firmly to the floor, and do scissors in this position.

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