5 Childhood Qualities That Adults Really Lack

When you were still a child, you definitely owned these qualities. Now, you need to refresh your memory. Read along to find out more.

1. Choice of food

As a child, you could easily answer your favorite food security question when you change your password. Then you knew exactly what you could eat daily and what would not get into your mouth even after threats, blackmail, and sad standing in the corner because they were confident that they were right when it comes to tasty and tasteless.

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The years have shaken your adherence to principles, and now you eat out of politeness, so as not to offend the hostess. Or because they have already paid for this indistinct plate in the cafe. Or because you are too lazy to cook, and you take what is closer from the shelf in the refrigerator.

Food is one of the few basic pleasures, and it’s a shame to deprive yourself of it just because you’ve become an adult.

Your parents hardly liked your pickiness in food because they had to adapt to the little gourmet. But now you can afford to eat what you want.

2. Ability to defend boundaries

Previously, you definitely knew how to say a decisive “no” when the unpleasant aunt Klava wanted to hug and kiss you. Moreover, they did not hesitate to explain why, when she still crawled with hugs, despite your refusal.

Of course, you have been told that this is impolite, and you have learned to ignore your own desires, choosing a circle of friends. But this is not an option when it comes to violating personal boundaries. And someone’s unpleasant hug is definitely breaking boundaries. So it would be nice to regain the skill of dealing with such things; politeness has nothing to do with it.

5 Childhood Qualities That Adults Really Lack
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3. Lack of fear of failure

Children know little, but they learn with interest and without fear. They also ignore failure if they suddenly run into obstacles.

When babies learn to walk, they fall constantly. But they get up and walk, not thinking that this occupation does not suit them. For adults, to abandon their plans, sometimes it is enough to forget something at home and remember that coming back is a bad omen.

4. Emotionality

Everything is simple; when it hurts, they cry, when they have fun, they laugh, when bad people hurt them, they get angry. Adults come up with a million reasons to hide and suppress emotions. In some cases, this can be useful; it is clearly a bad idea to tell the boss what you think of him if you plan to continue working in the company.

But experiencing different events, expressing emotions is the norm; laughter and crying helps to cope with stress and relieve psychological stress. Therefore, forbidding yourself to use this natural mechanism is simply stupid.

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5. Sincere interest in everything

Children ask a million questions and do not divide information into useful information that will never be useful. They are just interested.

Over the years, many people stop asking questions to others and even to search engines, but not at all because they know everything.

Something becomes unimportant, and somewhere it’s scary to show your ignorance, some questions seem uncomfortable. It is really better to leave tactless questions to yourself, but it is beneficial not to lose interest in life. The more you are open to everything new, the more opportunities appear.

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