20 Things You Should Get Rid Of During Your Next Cleaning

Unnecessary items turn the apartment into a junk warehouse.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories

1. Hopelessly spoiled things. Stained shirts, stretched T-shirts and moth-eaten sweaters have no place in your closet. Why keep something that you are unlikely to wear again?

2. Clothes that don’t fit your size. The reason, I think, is understandable.

3. Old shoes. If they can be made divine, do it. Those that cannot be recovered are sent to the trash heap.

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4. Shabby underwear. When the bra is no longer able to support the breast properly, it is time to replace it with a new one. It’s embarrassing to talk about torn panties – go to the trash can, that’s all.

5. Stockings and tights with puffs or holes. Yes, yes, they can still be sewn up and put on under jeans or trousers. Either sew it up at last or get rid of obviously useless things.

6. Leaky socks. Here is the same thing as in the previous paragraph; it is up to you to sew it up or throw it away, so long as the socks do not continue to lie idle.

7. Jewelry that has lost its former appearance. With jewelry, everything is clear: a broken lock, a worn chain, or a loose rhinestone are good reasons to throw away your bracelet or necklace. Jewelry should not be scattered. It is better to give them to be repaired.

8. Old party dresses. Do you think the chances are good that you will someday wear the outfit you shone in at your high school prom? If the dress is in good condition, try selling it. If not – well, even with such things, one must be able to say goodbye.

9. Shabby bags. And wallets there too. Agree. The chance that one day you decide to go out with a worn-out bag is zero.

10. Old swimwear and swimming trunks. Say goodbye without regret to all the stretched and faded specimens.

11. Spare buttons from clothes you no longer wear. After all, what are you going to do with a set of completely different buttons?

Cosmetics and personal care

20 Things You Should Get Rid Of During Your Next Cleaning
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12. Old cosmetics. First, since you haven’t used it before, it’s unlikely that this eyeshadow, lip gloss, or foundation will ever come in handy. Secondly, cosmetics have a shelf life. When it comes to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to the product.

13. Dried nail polish. Even if you dilute it with a special liquid, it still cannot be compared with fresh. Throw away without agony.

14. Samples of toilet water. Why save them if you don’t like the scent?

15. Samples of cosmetics. Either use or throw out. There is no third option.

16. Old toiletries. A bald toothbrush and a cracked soap dish are not something that should be carefully stored for years.

17. Stretched hair ties. Here is good news for connoisseurs of gum-telephone wires: bathe gum in boiling water. They will be as good as new.

18. Hairpins-invisible. Shake the box with cosmetics or the box where you store the jewelry. You will probably find several hairpins there. Since you do not use them, then there is no point in storing such.

19. Almost out of stock cosmetics and household chemicals. There is a little bit of money left on the bottom. It seems it’s time to throw it out, but the toad is strangling. Give the toad a decent fight back and send almost empty bottles and jars to the trash can.

Food and kitchen utensils

20 Things You Should Get Rid Of During Your Next Cleaning
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20. Spoiled foods. Will you eat them? So no one will so feel free to send the old-timers of your refrigerator to the trash bin.

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